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Holding Pattern 2.0 First Class Edition


Holding Pattern 2.0 First Class has the gentle, realistic animation you love, and has even more breathtaking photography. With a wealth of content to keep you interested over time, this is perhaps the best screen saver ever made. At $17.50 for either Mac or PC, it's also the world's cheapest airfare!

You won’t find these features in any other version:

  • Tons more photographs – more than four times the
  • Realistic engine audio
  • More time zones - night and morning, plus more sunset and day views
  • User controls over transitions, flight path, and even the speed of the flight itself
  • Aerial views from unique places around the world that you can't see in Holding Pattern Coach Class
  • A multiple monitor feature that lets you match views
    on more than one screen
  • Safety graphics transitions, easter eggs, and other surprises

Choose PC or Mac, and fly First Class today!

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System Requirements

Buy now for PC: $17.50
Buy now for Mac: $17.50

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Holding Pattern 2.0 screenshot

Holding Pattern 2.0 screenshot

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